"nothing but the best"

We highly recommend Frank Villierme for your building needs. We contracted with him for a significant kitchen and large workroom addition as well as some other renovation work. He and his subcontractors were nothing but the best. They completed the work in an excellent fashion, on-time, within budget, and more than exceeded our expectations.

Frank and his crew were great to work with, and we would definitely use him again and recommend him to our friends.

Rich Thomas

Police Chief, Retired

"on time and on budget"

It is my pleasure to submit this recommendation on behalf of Frank Villierme Construction. I have personally known and have contracted Frank for projects the past twenty seven years.

From large to small his enthusiasm never waivers as he applies his knowledge, ability and moral character to finish the project on time and on budget.

It is based on this association and proven success that I can recommend Villierme Construction for any project it would agree to undertake.

Sam Vail

"fair price and full value"

I would like to give my highest recommendation to Frank Villierme Construction. Frank and his team did an extensive remodel to our house while we were living in it at the time. This is not the best conditions for a contractor but he made it work for all of us and now we have a beautiful house.

I am not easy to please; I do theme park and museum designs around the world and have designed billions of dollars worth of projects over my career. I have been very pleased with Frank’s work and dedication and would have been very happy if he had been the contractor on my work projects.

Frank is an artist and his care and attention delivered a beautiful home for my wife and me. Just a few things to give you the sense of Frank and his work; the site was cleaned up every day, every piece of lumber was checked for its suitability from forming to framing, Frank always carried his framing square and had a large level nearby. A clean site means not only are you ready to go the next morning but that you have a safe site and clearly can see what next has to done. If you get lumber delivered to the site without prior inspection you get bent, twisted and sometimes cracked material which makes it almost impossible to have walls that are straight and plumb. If you don’t carry a square and use a level and get the framing right; then all the future trades coming on the job take longer trying to get their drywall, paint and patching to make up for poor framing.

The other portion of the job is management of the team of sub-contractors and the management of costs. Frank use people he knows and trusts. Because they know and trust that they will be treated fairly they all make the extra effort. If some part got delayed they would work extra hours to make up the time. Cost management with Frank is easy because he ran an open book; cost plus a set and reasonable mark-up. We ran in to a huge dry rot problem and had to rebuild a second story deck. Even though you never want to spend extra money, more important is you want to know you are getting a fair price and full value for the money spent. With an open book you know.

Again, I give my highest recommendation to Frank Villierme Construction.

Robin Hall

Theme Designer

Frank Villierme

General Contractor

“The clients needs are my first priority and each of my subcontractors share that passion.”

“We work together as a team to bring each project to fruition and that's always rewarding.”

Framing work completed by Frank Villierme Construction Framing work completed by Frank Villierme Construction

Our Process

  • Project Consultation

    Through pre-construction meetings we establish all project requirements prior to building. This provides a foundation for success.

  • Design & Development

    We coordinate and collaborate with architects, designers, and engineers to ensure your project is delivered as per your specifications.

  • Build to Completion

    From trenches to fixtures we're involved in every step of the process and on-site everyday.